Winston-Salem Southbound No. 200 

The Winston-Salem Southbound is a 97-mile North Carolina regional railroad that was originally jointly owned by the Norfolk & Western and the Atlantic Coast Line. "The Southbound," as it is locally referred, operates from Winston-Salem to Wadesboro, North Carolina, currently owned and operated by both Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation. In the age of steam locomotives, the railroad used a variety of N&W and ACL equipment, including four ex-N&W M-1 4-8-0 locomotives. All of the Winston-Salem Southbound locomotives were sold for scrap in 1957, but fortunately sister engine, Norfolk & Western No. 475, operates in preservation on the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania. No. 475 will be dressed as Winston-Salem Southbound No. 200 for the first time ever for this photo charter. 


Night Photo Session - $50.00: This photoshoot led by Steve Barry will feature various locations on the railroad. Flash lighting will be used to give the photographs an authentic appearance. Tripods are highly recommended, this session is limited to 30 persons.  

Day Photo Session - $250.00: Winston-Salem Southbound No. 200 (N&W No. 475), will lead our consist, with the intention to recreate scenes from the Winston-Salem Southbound. This session will feature period actors and automobiles, which will be placed in prime locations throughout the day to add authenticity to the photographs. This session is planned to be roughly TEN HOURS of photography! Don't be surprised if the locomotive sounds different than usual...

Winston-Salem Southbound No. 200:

Date: April 2-3, 2020

Seats Remaining DAY: 42/50

Seats Remaining NIGHT:  23/30





Day Session: $250

Night Session: $50

PLEASE  REMEMBER: Hotel, meals, and transportation to Strasburg ARE NOT included with your ticket purchase.

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